• my computer keeps rebooting. In middle of a game it just shuts down randomly and restarts??


    Sounds like heat issue.

  • Or maybe the North Koreans got into your computer?

  • @Lithu 4 small fans, 2 in front in back, on on side, large fan on top.

  • opened side, both fans on video card are not moving wtf

  • @w0rmz said in WTFKN FUCK??:

    opened side, both fans on video card are not moving wtf

    A couple of suggestions . . .

    Try removing and reseating the vid-card. If that doesn’t do it, it sounds like a bad video card.

    If the PC has on-board video, you may try and boot it up with the video card missing to confirm that all is OK except for the add-on video card.

  • Seriously, I’m disappointed in you all…

    Have you tried hitting it?

  • Liquid cool it

  • @Jam I have the gtx 970 I read on a forum that they won’t turn on till it gets above 60c so I’m assuming that’s not the issue

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    stop hitting the reboot button


    Are you overclocked? I now a guy who has an awesome cooling method.

  • Careful, railroad agent

    @Lithu said in WTFKN FUCK??:

    Are you overclocked? I now a guy who has an awesome cooling method.

    What, sink the whole box into oil?

  • What sort of a power supply do you have?

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    It could be:

    • GFX card fans not working. They should be moving all the time, and go full power when needed.
    • Hot air not moving OUT of the case. Many builds just have fans causing a fucking ball of messy air inside the case, while what you need is to get cold air in and force the hot air out.
    • Insufficient power in the Power Supply. If it was working properly before, then it’s a heat problem.
    • Clean those fans and if possible, monitor their speeds.

  • Have you thought of dowloading more fan ?

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    is there aluminum wiring inside?


    Yea, this definitely sounds like a heat issue, ram issue, video card issue, video card fan issue, video card not seated correctly issue, failing power issue, failing fan on the power supply issue, driver issue, windows blue screen of death issue, malware issue, trojan issue, virus issue, failing motherboard issue, processor overheating issue, processor not seated properly issue, dying hard drive issue. This should narrow it down well enough for you.

  • Another serious stab . . .

    We know TGTCWTF is a CPU intensive game. We also know that virtually all CPUs have temperature sensors on them and that they will shut down when overheated and this will cause a reboot. So assuming the power supply is properly rated for the overall system load and that the computer worked fine for a period of time, and further assuming that you are not overclocking the CPU or the vid-card, then another issue I have seen is a degraded contact between the CPU and the HSF (CPU heat sink * fan assembly.)

    It is a good idea to inspect the joint and reapply heat sink compound every couple of years on a gaming computer in any case.

    Get yourself some Arctic Silver heat sink compound and study how to remove the HSF, clean the CPU and reapply fresh compound. If this scares you, get someone else to do it. ;-)

    You only need a very small dab of compound which you can spread with a matchbook cover. A thin, evenly applied coat will do the trick. If any compound squeezes out when you re-clamp the HSF, then you have put on too much.

  • Do you have the fans blowing air across the case? Don’t have all fans blowing in or out, you need a good crossflow. Also remove and reset all cards in there slots because they can lose their connection. The CPU should be ok unless you want to but more paste under the fan but that can be checked with a CPU TEMP app.
    Same for the video card. Run the Mfr’s bloatware to check the temps and fan control.

  • Does it shut down properly or just restarts? First points to thermal problem, second to power supply.

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