Re: How Hillary Lost

  • My phone started smoking from that Long cat reply.

    Last line…
    “but the numbers sitting at the bottom of the TV tuned to CNN. With the recount frozen, Clinton lost Michigan by 10,704 votes.”

    I bounced around to watch the tears and cheers from the different TV stations. I noticed that Fox News kept updating the numbers but CNN stopped with the updates around 11 p.m. when it was obvious that Trump was pulling ahead. Another check mark in the LOL column.


    What’cah talkin bout, meng? There’s no longcat there?

  • On my phone the entire article posted not the the link or header so each reply is about two miles long.


    What kinda haxxor phone do you have?!? BTW…the phone category post selector works now. You don’t have to select open to post.

  • Motorollio Android.

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